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This site documents Adventure Dive Sites World Wide. We have based our system on "Hyper-maps" and photographs. Scroll down to the world map and click the dive flags to make your way through out the world.

Have any site photos? Send us a couple of jpg's and a short description of the site and we'll post it under that area, give you credit and an e-mail link.

This month's feature photograph by
Doug Amos

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Scuba Diving Destinations

Kingston Ontario Canada Shipwrecks (pictures)
St Lawrence River Shipwrecks (pictures)
Great Lakes Shipwrecks (pictures)
Prince Edward County Ontario Canada Shipwrecks
Tobermory Ontario Canada Shipwrecks (pictures)
British Columbia Canada Shipwrecks, Reefs and Walls
Atlantic Canada Shipwrecks, Reefsand Walls (pictures)
New England
Puget Sound (pictures)
Florida, (pictures)
California, (pictures)
Cape Hatteras
Hawaii Reefs and Shipwrecks (pictures)
Caribbean Shipwrecks and Reefs (pictures)
Philippines Reefs (pictures)
Australian Reefs (pictures)
Papua New Guinea Reefs (pictures)
Thailand Reefs (pictures)
Truk Islands Shipwrecks
New Zealand Shipwrecks
Okinawa, Japan, (pictures)
Red Sea Reefs (pictures)
South African Diving (pictures)
Namibian Cave Diving
Adriatic Sea, (pictures)
Malta, Mediterrean Sea, (pictures)
Finland (pictures)
Great Shipwrecks (pictures)
Excellent Cave Dives (pictures)
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