Adventurers Dive Log: Truk Lagoon,Aikoko Maru

Diving the Aikoko Maru


The Facts

Armed Merchant Cruiser

Built Sunk Feb. 18 1944

Depth 210' feet length 498' originally, about 300' left

A Little History

The Aikoko Maru was sent to the bottom by the Americans along with most of the Japanese ships moored in Truk Lagoon. Waves of bombers dumped tons of munnitions upon the unsuspecting sailors. This turning point in the Pacific theatre created one of the best shipwreck sites in the world.

The Tour

This is a deep wreck. This ship went down after a tremendous explosion which blew the bow apart. Itsits upright on the bottom. There is literally nothing from the bridge forward. Though a decompression dive, requiring specialized gear for penatration, it is an excellent wreck for very experienced divers.

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