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Type: Wreck of USCG Cutter "Nemesis" Length: Depth: 68' to sand 45' to main deck 55' to upper deck.

Location: Just S of the "Berry Patch", S of the Deerfield Beach rockpiles.

Description: Former USCG Cutter "Nemesis", & ex-Ft Lauderdale restaurant, sunk 9 June, 1991. She lies bow E with a 15-20 degree port list & within swimming distance, N & inshore of the "Berry Patch". There is scoured rock under the wreck. 100'seaward & 40 degrees off the port bow is another wreck & debris in sand.

Depth: 68 ft to the sand, 45 ft to the main deck, 55 ft to the upper deck.

Critters: Huge barracuda inhabit the wreck. Lots of tropicals and other fishcolonize it. There are a variety of invertebrates on the wreck which attract bottom dwellingcarnivores & pelagics which come to this submerged restaurant.

Cautions: Be very careful of loose material although Hurricane "Andrew" removedmuch of the danger.

Remarks: With the other wrecks on this site, the "Ancient Mariner" makes a goodone tank dive in moderate depth, often inside the strong currents so often found furtheroffshore. Another wreck lies 100' seaward, 40 degrees off the port bow. Photo (inthe book) is at the sinking of the wreck!

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