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Boca Artificial Reef Ledge

Type: Ledge with artificial reef of 20 Erojacks. Length: Depth: 68' deep in sand rising 10' to 12' to 53' on edge.

Location: Just one half mile south of Boca Inlet.

Description: On the inside of the undercut ledge, it is 10+' high. The top edge is jagged & heavily overgrown with soft corals, sponges and other invertebrates and algae. About 75' due east is a small artificial reef composed of 20 Erojacks in a stack 6' high, in a sandy depression, but 5 were picked off the pile by Hurricane David and thrown into the sand hole, about 5' away.

Depth: Nearly 68' deep in sand rising 10' to 12' to 53' on the edge. The artificial reef to the the E is at 60'.

Critters: Angelfish, Bermuda chub, barracuda some with lobster along the rough ledge top. Many fish in reef.

Cautions: Don't get lost looking for the Erojack artificial reef. Go east along a sandy notch in the reef and return the same way.

Remarks: In spite of the name "Boca Moe's Reef", I built this reef, personally, in 1967. Guess that makes it "Dr. Macs Artificial Reef"!

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Photograph by Rog Cheng