Bass Rocks

Bass Rocks


Bass Rocks (looking southwest), southeasterly exposure, is a very rocky entry. Sloping bedrock into water with some large bolders, sandy bottom away from shore. Depth 15 to 35+ feet. Very pretty dive. Boat diving, light tide, or flat calm seas recommended, as the entry can be very tricky (seaweed is slippery and abundant at the water's edge). Unrestricted parking Monday through Saturday until noon.

Directions (from Boston):

Take Route 1 or Route 93 To Route 128 North. Follow 128 until you pass through both the Grant and Blackburn traffic circles. Shortly after passing the Blackburn circle, you'll come to a set of lights. Continue straight at the light. Take a left when you reach Bass Avenue. This will become Nautilus Ave. At Atlantic Ave, take a left. The coastline here is Bass Rocks.

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