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Type: Harbor tug wreck, and several other wrecks. Length: Depth: 65' on sandy bottom, rising to 55' on tug wheelhouse.

Location: S of Deerfield Beach rock piles, 75' inside the Third Reef, 1 mile offshore.

Description: A 65' harbor tug, cleaned out so one can swim safely through it, sits in sand just out of sight, about 125' from the edge of Third Reef, upright & almost NW-SE, with the stern SE. Go about 100' to a badly broken up steel hull, NNW of the tug. She was sunk in Aug 1987. A 50' steel houseboat is reported 100' to the S W. Hurricane "Andrew" tossed the wrecks about. There is other debris off the port side of the tug.

Depth: 65' on the sandy bottom, rising to 55' on the tug wheelhouse.

Critters: A variety of small tropicals infest the wreck. Invertebrates, and particularly hydroids, etc., growing in profusion on the steel provide a food source for grazing fish. Reef fish migrate to the wreck & pelagics (amberjack, mackerel, chub) sometimes come in to feed. Good place to catch small tropicals. I have seen a colony of garden eels all around this wreck!

Cautions: The wreck has been torn up by the hurricane. Be careful. Fly your DIVER DOWN flag. Anchor with lots of scope so your anchor will hold in the sand.

Remarks: This is another of the wrecks sunk by the Broward County Artificial Reef organization.

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