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Type: Reef ledge. Length: Depth: 65' in sand, 55' on top. Location: Several hundred yards N of the Boca Palmetto Park beach pavillion. About 1 miles north of Boca Raton Inlet.

Description: Inside edge rises 10'. Some overhangs & caves. Seaward crest within good freediving depth. N-S edge roughly parallels beach, continuous with the Boca North Beach Ledge. Very irregular edge. Good to South of marks, too.

Depth: 65' in sand, 55' on top, slopes to 50' at crest of reef, seaward.

Critters: Occasional eating fish. Hogfish sometimes in sand to the west. Snapper, grunts, and numerous brightly colored parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, & wrasse hover over the edge. Small marine aquarium specimens are plentiful but must be decompressed from 50' or 60'. Seawhips, seafans, corals, & sponges are common.

Cautions: Strong currents may occur here. Avoid areas with lobster pots.

Remarks: The Boca Raton ocean outfall is S & seaward of this spot. It discharges well treated sewage, & the point of discharge often cannot be seen at this location. It is NOT a problem.

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