Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier


Type: Inside ledge. Length: Depth: 60' in sand, 50' at ledge top.

Location: Seaward of Ocean Reef Towers Condo, about a mile north of the Boca South Beach pavillion.

Description: 8' to 10' inside ledge rising vertically, undercut, with caves, has rough reef surface providing excellent cover for marine critturs. South of marks it is good, as well.

Depth: 60' in sand, 50' at ledge top, it slopes up to 45' at the reef crest.

Critters: Seawhips, seafans, sponges and hard coral on top. Caves and overhangs provide excellent food and cover for marine creatures. Grouper and jewfish rarely in caves. Some hogfish on sand. Some snapper. Many marine tropicals.

Cautions: Antenna over Brighton moves fast. Be very watchful approaching it!

Remarks: This reef was devastated by a tugboat cable. Corals, whips & fans were cemented back by volunteer divers working for more than three months. Thank them for a rejuvenated reef! Marks are different from former editions to take advantage of a very fast moving antenna over the Brighton.

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