Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier


Type: Cliff above clean sand, with steep narrow spurs:Comb. Length: Depth: 70' in sand to W, 80' to the E, steps to 55' top of reef.

Location: On the third reef, 5 miles S of Boynton Inlet, 3/4 miles offshore.

Description: The far S end of the Boynton Ledge (3rd Reef) ends here in a stepped 6' to 10' cliff above clean sand. The W edge slopes landward & the outside slope has steep & narrow spurs, like the teeth of a comb. Marks put one in the first spur. The top of the reef is lush with pretty soft corals.

Depth: 70' in sand to W, 80' to the E, rising in steps to 55' on top of reef.

Critters: A wide variety of sportfish & tropicals in excellent cover along the cliff & in the spurs. Hogfish roam the sand. Sponges, corals, & gorgonians are vigorous and beautiful. Lobster are sometimes found here.

Cautions: Watch the currents & set your anchor to the E to avoid reef damage. Fly your DIVER DOWN flag. It is easy to get lost on this reef.

Remarks: This is a very lush spot but currents are sometimes strong. If you see hard coral heads turned upside down, turn them coral side up or they will die. If you wish to cement the corals back onto the substrate so they won't be turned over again, call me for instructions.

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Photograph by Rob Cheng