Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier


Type: Sheer walled trench Length: Depth: 50' to 70' near marks. Debris piles to 43'on flanks.

Location: Directly seaward of the Palmetto Park Beach Pavilion in Boca Raton, one mile offshore.

Description: Cut through the Third Reef while building the Boca Raton Ocean Outfall, this sheer walled trench is cut in an old coral reef. Debris is piled both N & S of the trench & rises to about 43' or so. Rock dams cross the outfall trench at intervals. There is a nice Third Reef inside edge, good both N & S of the trench at the W end of the trench. The outfall pipe rises from the far E end of the trench in about 90 ft of water. Effluent rises like smoke from a chimney! Slightly inshore from the reef there are concrete mats for a long way toward the beach, covering the Boca Raton ocean outfall pipeline.

Depth: The rim of the trench at the marks is at 50'. The bottom varies from 50' to 70' near this spot. Debris piles rise to 43'on the flanks.

Critters: The debris piles are highly colonized by invertebrates. Fish live in the trench and hug the walls and bottom. Morays are common.

Cautions: Away from the trench and rockpiles, the top of the reef is much the same everywhere, so stay within sight of the trench or the edge. It is easy to get lost on top if you are anchor diving. Start drift dives up current.

Remarks: The effluent from the outfall is relatively innocuous but stay out of the rising plume if you swim to the outer end. Set your anchor when you first reach bottom to avoid mowing down sponges & seawhips!

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