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Type: Sunken freighter hull.Length: 165' hull.Depth: 95' bottom, 85' main deck, 75' foredeck.

Location: Just N of Boynton Ledge Comb outside the Third Reef. About 4 miles S of Boynton Inlet.

Description: This 165' German freighter, built about 1962, with no superstructure, lies upright, stern to the N. Sunk on July 15, 1987, she lies in sand, with sea whips projecting from bottom. Inshore & about 100' SSW lies the 70' treasure hunting vessel Swordfish, roughly on the line from Budbar to Genesis reef.

Depth: 95' bottom, 85' main deck, 75' foredeck.

Critters: Local fish took up residence almost immediately & she has a significant population now. Baitfish & tropicals abound but sportfish are usually scared away by the divers. A coat of algae, hydroids & other invertebrates has overgrown the wreck.

Cautions: Currents are often strong here. Fly your DIVER DOWN flag. Anchor carefully. Spearfishing is discouraged on this reef.

Remarks: Many thanks to the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Committee, the Anheuser Busch Co, & to the Boynton Inlet Dive Operators Assoc., for giving us this fine south county wreck! Be careful of other divers. Be a good sportsman & give way to fishermen anchored on the wreck. The Genesis Reef just to the S is a great dive, too.

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