Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Dominica

Diving in Dominica

by Paul Janosi

The Commonwealth of Dominica (pronounced dom-en-ee-ka) is situated between the two French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Dominica is a mountainous island covered with dense tropical rainforests and countless streams and breath taking waterfalls.

Independent since 1978, Dominica has a population of approximately 71,000 people, consisting of Afro-West Indian and about 3,000 Carib Indians. Although the official language is English, Creole and French patois are widely spoken.

Volcanic in origin and ruggedly beautiful, the island rises 5000 feet above sea level and within 5 miles of the west coast drops off to depths in access of 6000 feet. The deep ocean environment creates a spectacular collection of marine life from pelagic fish to whales and dolphins. The topography is varied from pinnacles, shear walls, caves and arches to large boulders and steaming vents and hotsprings. Most of the dive sites are on the westcoast, because the sea is calmer and there is little current. The water is the calmest from July to October. The visibility is 60-100 feet .

Dominica has an incredible collection of filter feeders. Yellow crinoids are found everywhere perched with their arms extended. The walls are covered with giant barrel sponges, vase sponges, tube sponges and elephant ear sponges. Feather duster worms,fan worms, christmas tree worms and horseshoe worms are everywhere. The fish life is also prolific. Some of my trophies (photographs) included sea horses, longlure frogfish, queen angelfish, blackbar soldierfish, southern stingray,queen triggerfish, porcupinefish,spotted drum, shortfin pipefish, green moray eel, spotted goatfish, flying gournard and batfish. Among my favorite dive sites are Scotts Head Pinnacles,Scotts Head Drop Off, Soufriere Pinnacles, La Bim, Dangelbens Reef, Dangelben Pinnacles, Coral Gardens, Condoand Village and Suburb.

Dominica is a photographers paradise both above and below the waves. I am looking forward to visiting it again.

During my two trips to Dominica I stayed at Castle Comfort Lodge and dove with Dive Dominica. Ginette & Derek Perryman run a wonderful operation, offering 7 night packages including hotel and diving. In the morning there are two tank boat dives. In the afternoon guests are encouraged to go on hiking excursions to visit one of the many breathtaking waterfalls in the rainforest. There are also whale watching excursions, Spinner and Spotted Dolphins, Pilot Whales, and Sperm Whales are frequently seen. If you rather go diving, unlimited air fills are available for shore diving right in front of the dive shop.

For further information or reservations contact: Dive Dominica and Castle Comfort Lodge Tel: 767 448 2188 fax: 767 448 6088 E-mail:

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