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Adventurers Dive Log

Diving at Dominique's Wall

By Ocean Concepts

Depth: 35-95 feet

Bottom Time: 30 Minutes

Visibility: 80 feet

Sealife: Large resident eels, Spotted Eagle Rays, Octopus, Green Sea Turtles, Mahimahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Ulua (Jack Fish)

Towards Diamond Head Crater, along the outside of Hanauma Bay, is Dominique's Wall. As a rule, the current runs west, so entries should always be done from a boat - no anchor. The moving waters slowly carry divers along the wall, starting at 95 feet then gradually ascending to 35 feet at the Portlock area. This dive is a great sightseeing dive with ledges that hous lobster, large game fish as well as the rarely seen mahmahi (dorado). This is recommended for experienced divers due to the current.

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Adventurers Dive Log