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Fellow Wreck, Deep, Technical and of course Trimix Divers,

I know that I have spoken to most of you regarding diving the Andrea Doria in July of '98. Here is the information I have at this point of time. When I have more info I will send it out. If you have any questions please send me a message. I will also be setting up a Web site for this trip within the next week.


There are ten spaces available on the boat. I am responsible for filling only five of those spaces. The other half will be filled by my good friend Joe Jackson from Cincinati. So space is limited to first come first served.


The charter boat we have booked is the SEEKER. We will be departing from Montock NY. This is the most eastern point of Long Island. It is a 110 mile boat ride to the wreck site. This usually takes between 10-12 hours. The Seeker is a 65ft vessal fully equipped and expertly staffed for diving the Doria. The trip includes all meals while on board and air fills. I almost forgot the boat is very spacious with AC and a shower.


Although the depth on the wreck varies from 170ft to 250ft trimix is highly recommended. In order to get on this trip you must hold a valid trimix diver, trimix intructor/trainer c-card or be under the supervision of a timix instructor. This means you can complete dives for a trimix course. It is also recommended that you have some wreck diving and wreck penetration experience. Air may be used to dive the wreck although once again I am stressing trimix is much more safer.


Just your standard trimix or extended range equipment. Two sets of doubles with mix in them. 4-5 stage bottles for deco gases. We are unable to fill trimix on the boat because of the compressor size and the amount of work involved. We may be able to fill deco and nitrox gases this year. Please check back with me. We also try to hang O2 off the boat. The cost is split between everyone who uses it. Everyone is responsible to show up with their tanks full and ready to dive at boarding. Price of gas is not included in the trip cost. Don't forget the Argon for your drysuits (highly recommended). P-Valves and diapers are good to have also. Contact me for more specific gear details


Right now we have the third week of July booked, July 20-24. Although we are looking at moving it to the last week of July instead. Please let me know which is best for you. We board at 10pm on Monday the 20th. We arrive at the wreck site by 9am on the 21st. We stay over night at the wreck site and dive again on the 22nd. We dive again on the morning of the 23rd. We pull anchor at noon on the 23rd and head for dock. We should be back at the dock by the early morning of the 24th. All the food and non alcoholic drink is provided on the boat.


Here it is what you have all been waiting for, the cost. The price for this three day tour and some of the best wreck diving you'll ever do is $875.00US. We need commitments right away. I've been told that we need a $300.00US deposit from everyone interested by the 15th of January. I will try to have this extended to the end of January.

I hope to hear from all of you very soon and look forward to diving with you this summer.

Yours In Diving

Jonathan Brooks

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