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Type: Scattered rubble from old Deerfield pier. Length: Depth: About 68' to sand, scour to 72' & high spot about 66'.

Location: About 3 miles S of Boca Inlet, offshore Deerfield Beach.

Description: The debris from the old Deerfield Pier; T beams, pilings, etc., are scattered over an acre in this area. The bulk of the material is in single sections, partly buried in sand, with a few pieces stacked up to a height of 6 feet or so.

Depth: About 68' to sand, scour to 72' & the high spot about 66' where two sections lie on top of each other.

Critters: Already hydroids and sponges festoon the concrete. Large numbers of marine tropicals make this their home. Grouper just under legal size are not uncommon. Filefish, triggerfish, anemones, cleaning shrimp, arrow crabs, damsels, angels all present.

Cautions: Don't catch your gear on protruding steel rebar. Lots of fire coral and hydroids (which sting!)

Remarks: Regrettably this debris was scattered and not piled up as a high profile reef.

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