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Adventurers Web Dive Log Editorial For months I have pondered what to write about in the first Web Dive Log editorial.
What I have decided on is what I call "The Dark side of the force" in diving.
The dark side to me is the mentality that promotes the , "I dive to 200feet and anyone who doesn't just isn't a real diver." or "I dive with 5 lbs of weight and use a 30 cu ft tank to 80' for 40 min." attitude.
Scuba diving was once a sport for only the most adventurous of souls. But now , it is not much more than learning to operate a life-support system, in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Combine that with a sound knowledge of diving rules and physics and you hopefully attain what I believe should be everyones goal, comfort in the water. Once a diver feels that he or she is at ease in the water, then they are a good diver. (for the conditions in which they trained)

It is up to leadership level divers from all agencies to promote our sport to prospective divers and then to encourage them to continue their diving education in the direction that best suits the diver.

A forty foot dive to a newly certified diver is as exciting as two hundred feet to a seasoned "techy"!

We all enjoy the wonders of diving, where ever we chose to get wet. Let's share the experiences and leave the ego's at home.

Doug Amos
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