Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving on the Forest City, Tobermory

Diving The Forest City

Photographs and Story by Tom Wilson

Wooden three-masted schooner later converted to steam power
Location: Bear's Rump Island, Tobermory
Depth: 55'-145'
Length: 212'
Built: 1870 Sunk: 1904
Access: Boat
Level: Advanced to technical
Orientation: Upright down the side of a steeply sloping shoreline

The Forest City is one of the premiere dive sites in Tobermory.
She starts rather disappointingly as a colelction of timbers and broken decking at around 55' but her condition improves with depth to the point that when you reach her boiler at approximately 108' she looks great.

Due to her wildly varying depth the upper areas are accessible to advanced divers but tech-types will be attracted to her stern which looks great. See the top photo at right to get a sense of the angle at which this wreck rests.

Located in Tobermory (where cold water was invented) you can add depth and current to this list of challenges when diving this site.

Perplexingly, it is reported that officials of the Fathom Five National Marine park refuse to allow this popular location to be marked/moored, which means there is no descent/ascent line (which only adds to the potential dangers, so go figure). The site is marked only by a vague triangle shape on one of the sizeable rocks on shore (underwater it is marked by a recently-lost weight belt, but that is a different story.)

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