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Type: Arc shaped embayment on inside of Third Reef. Length: Depth: 68' to 70' on sand in the embayment, sloping to 51'on the edge

Location: Directly seaward of th e large green Highland Beach Watertower & 4 miles north of Boca Raton Inlet.

Description: A large arcuate embayment on the inside of the Third Reef. The undercut sheer edge has caves & big blocks of coral rock lie on the sand. North end is excellent for divers. The landward edge of the re-entrant has partial closure by a low reef which dies out in the middle.

Depth: 68' to 70' on sand in the embayment, sloping up to 51' on the edge at high tide, with mostly steep ledges & some step ledges.

Critters: Lobster, grouper, snapper, & grunts are found here at times. Tropicals are varied & common. This spot is usually good for fishing & diving. Sportfish are very spooky around divers.

Cautions: Set your anchor when you first go under and swim into the current. Go off the green Highland Beach watertower & look for the marks. Antenna in the Mid Mark places you slightly south of the last edition, but still on the east edge of the hole!

Remarks: Marks place you on east rim of the hole. Swim W if on reef, E if on sand, to find the vertical edge. Peggy and Joe Fink first showed me this hole!

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