Folly Cove

Folly Cove

Folly Cove (looking north), having a northly (but somewhat protected) exposure, is a rocky entry. Entry and exit are generally easy, but the rocks can be slippery at lower tides. This site one of the most popular dive spots on Cape Ann and is an excellent choice for day and night dives. The beach fills quickly on good weekend days; so plan on arriving early. Depth is 10 to 80 feet out at the left point. The left wall of the cove (facing the ocean) continues into the water much the same as above water. Probably the best diving is along the left wall. There is a small point that juts out on this side of the cove with a gazebo high above the rocks (see the above picture). This is a good point to snorkel out to to begin the dive.

Along the west side of the cove, the rock wall slopes down to meet the sandy bottom of the cove. At some points this wall is quite shear. This wall is known for it's sea anenome, although you will also find lobster, crabs, striped bass, and many other critters hiding among the cracks and crevices. On the way back, it is easy to follow this edge of the cove all the way back to the beach.

The center of Folly Cove has a sandy bottom. There are often skates and flounder in this area. The right side of the cove is rocky, and can be an interesting alternative to the west side.

Directions (from Boston):

Take 93 north or route one north to 128 north (Gloucester/Rockport) Follow Route 128 until you pass both Grant and Blackburn traffic circles Shortly after passing Blackburn Circle you'll come to a set of lights, turn left on Route 127 Follow Route 127 for 6.3 miles as it winds counterclockwise around the northern part of Cape Ann. Folly Cove is on the right hand side of 127, just beyond a lobster shack and just past the Gloucester line. It is marked with a small sign "Folly Cove Landing"


Resident only parking is strongly enforced during peak season. It is best to drop your gear off and then park elsewhere. You can take your chances finding legal on-street parking (in the bend near the restaurants or on side streets), or you can pay for parking at Halibut Point State Park a short ways down 127 towards Rockport.

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