Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Scuba Diving the Galapagos Islands

The unique mix of flora and fauna that inhabit these islands helped Charles Darwin develope the theory of Evolution. Though located on the equator, these water are home to cold water as well as warm water creatures. The cold currents from the antartic mix with the warm tropical water of the equatorial Pacific. This makes for some of the most diverse diving in the world. Schools of hammer-heads, barracudas, and seals are common. Sea turtle's are plentiful and the only diving iguanas in the world call Galapagos home. The iguanas can be seen basking in the sun in preparation for plunging into the cool waters. The government of Ecuador has been diligent at preserving the natural environment of this area. A National Park for both the land and a 15 mile perimeter of all the Islands helps maintain the unique eco-system. The results of their efforts are impressive!

Turtle Image by Steve Hogan
(This turtle was rumored to have once visited the Galapagos Islands)

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