Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier

Genesis Reef

Type: Concrete rubble. Length: A block long. Depth: 86' on sand, high spot 74' 400 yds SW of the Budweiser Bar on the 87' contour. About 4 miles south of Boynton Inlet.

Description: 2100 tons of 3' to 8' diameter concrete culverts & rubble here. Some stand upright on end like monuments. There are several piles of culverts sticking up 8' to 12', plus large culvert junction boxes. All are on sand. Scatter is a block long. The wreck of the Swordfish is almost in line between Genesis & Budweiser Bar.

Depth: 86' on sand. Culvert high spot is about 74' high & the marks are for this pile. Culverts stick up 5' to 8'.

Critters: This is often a fabulous spot for fish. There is lots of cover. Fish may include large cobia, grouper, hogfish, snapper, grunts, with some tropicals. Invertebrates encrust the concrete. Crustaceans & shellfish are common.

Cautions: Strong currents are the rule so be careful not to become separated from your boat or float flag! Use a DIVER DOWN flag with each group when drift diving & fly your dive flag above the Bimini top or fly bridge so others can see it! Culverts appear to be stable but be careful when they are stacked two high. Avoid the bucking bow of an anchored boat for it can kill you!

Remarks: It is eerie swimming close to the bottom with round columns rising all about. This is a reef built by the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Committee. Please support them.

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Photograph by Paul Janofsky