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Type: North South trending ledge. Length: Depth: 40+' rising 5' to 7' to top of ledge.

Location: Half a mile S of the last rock pile on Deerfield Beach.

Description: There is a sheer N-S trending ledge, less pronounced away from the marks. Holes provide good critter cover. Landward of the edge there are low blocks of rubble with sand between. Far to the N or S the transition from rubble to reef isn't nearly so pronounced.

Depth: Sand & coral rubble 40+' rising 5' to 7' to the top of the ledge.

Critters: Tropical fish are abundant. Some gamefish are found here at times. Yellow headed jawfish & tobacco fish can be seen to the W in the rubble. This is a good spot for tropical fish collecting & for sight seeing.

Cautions: Use marks carefully to locate the reef. Try winding 45' of cord on a plastic bottle and tie a weight on the end. Drop this exactly on marks & then anchor as close to the bottle as possible. Marks are inside ledge in sand and rubble. Reef is OK to N, better to S.

Remarks: A good shallow beginner's reef. It has low currents & visibility is often good! This is the only place I have seen Swiss Guard basslets.

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