Kings Beach

King's Beach

Directions To Kings Beach, RI

From Boston:

* Take 93-south out of the city, then take Exit 4 (left exit) onto 24-south.
[ Alternatively, you can take Mass Pike west to 95-south to 24 south ].

* 24-south will take you into Rhode Island, and will eventually join 114.

* Follow 114 to the Newport line. Take a right onto 138.
(This is the second time 24/114 hits 138. You will know this
intersection by a Domino's Pizza on the near left corner and a Sunoco
station on the far left corner).

* There will be a sign for "Newport Bridge - 138" on the left just
before a traffic rotory. Take this turn and immediately get into the
left lane. If you miss the turn, you can go all the way around the
rotory and take the turn right from the other direction.

* Take the left lane exit for "Scenic Newport". *CAUTION: This exit
comes up very quickly, and if you miss it you will be headed for the
long toll bridge*. After you exit, you will be on "Farewell Street".

* Bear right after passing the graveyard.

* This road will join the main road past the waterfront. Keep going
straight until the road turns to the left in front of the "Newport Bay
Club and Hotel". Stay in the middle lane here and head up the hill.

* Turn right on "Bellvue". You should see signs for the Bellvue mansions.

* Follow Bellvue to the end. The road will start to loop back to the
right. After the turn, take an immediate left onto Ocean Drive.

* Kings Beach is about 1.8 miles down Ocean Drive on the left. There is
a small sign by a dirt road. Pull in the dirt road and park. the
beach is at the end of the road.

* If you hit Brenton Point State Park you have gone too far.

About the Dive

Information: This is a good spot for a refresher dive, or dive for the
inexperienced. There is a fairly easy beach entry and depths of between
25-35 feet. There are lobsters, skates, eels, flounder, and tautog
common here.

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