Loblolly Cove

Loblolly Cove


Loblolly Cove (looking east), northeasterly exposure, is a easy rocky
entry. There is also a sand boat ramp (near the dirt parking lot),
which can be used for an easy entry. Gradual sloping bottom, the cove
itself is fairly shallow (20 feet). Near the point is a very pretty
dive site with a depth of 25-35+ feet. Resident parking only, you can
unload and park at Pebble Beach or one of the side streets.

Directions (from Boston):

Take Route 1 or Route 93 To Route 128 North.
Follow 128 until you pass through both the Grant and Blackburn traffic circles.
Shortly after passing the Blackburn circle, you'll come to a set of lights. Turn left onto Route 127 North.
After 0.4 Miles, (and shortly before Cape Ann Divers) turn right on Marina Drive.
Follow Marina Drive to the end, then make a left onto 127A.
Follow 127A until you see the Rocky Shores Inn and Turk's Motor Lodge.
Take a right on South Street at this intersection.
Follow South Street until you you get near the end, where you will take a left onto Penzance.
(Caution: Penzance intersects South Street Twice. Do not take the first turn onto Penzance near 127A).
Just after you turn onto Penzance, you will see Pebble Beach on your right.
Continue past pebble beach. The road will turn off towards the left.
A short ways after the turn you will see loblolly cove on your right.

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