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Type: Patch reef. Length: 700'. Depth: 33' on top. It rises up 3' to 6' from sand.

Location: Several hundred yards north of the Boca Raton Beach Pavilion, perhaps 1500 ft or so offshore.

Description: A patch reef about 700' long & 250' wide. The E & S edges are highest with heavy soft coral cover. The W & N edges fade into sand. Little growth occurs on the ledges to the south. Holes several feet deep are common. Marks put you on SW corner.

Depth: The reef is at 33' on top. It rises up 3' to 6' from the sand. The west edge is overlapped by sand as is the north end.

Critters: Much fire coral, many trigger fish, scorpion fish and sting rays. Occasionally flounder in the sand. Many reef tropicals. Lobster rare except when they walk. Sometimes grouper come here to spawn. Amberjack, Spanish mackerel, small grunts and snapper are sometimes seen here.

Cautions: This reef is slowly being covered by sand from the beach. In 10 or 20 years it may be mostly buried.

Remarks: Lots of fire coral covered cable all over the reef. Avoid the lobster pots often found along the eastern edge. Marks are for south end where the highest rise occurs.

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