Magnolia Rocks

Magnolia Rocks

Directions to Magnolia Rocks, Manchester, MA

From Boston: Take 93 north or route one north to 128 north (Gloucester/Rockport). Take exit 15, turn right off the exit ramp. After about 1/2 mile, take a left onto Lincoln Street. After another 1/2 mile, take a left onto Rt. 127. 2.3 miles down 127, take the right fork at the sign for Magnolia. About 1/2 mile down this road, in the village of Magnolia, you will come to a five-way intersection with a flag-pole in the middle. Take a hard right here onto the 1-way street. 1/2 mile down this road will be Magnolia Rocks (on your right) and Lexington Street on your left. Unload your gear and park on Lexington.

About the Dive

Magnolia Rocks is a rocky piece of coastline that slopes down to a depth of over 40'. The bottom is littered with boulders that provide shelter for quite a bit of marine life, including a fair number of lobster. This site provides a similar entry as Cathedral Rocks and Norman's Woe with much less of a hike to the shoreline.


Part of this area is marked as "private beach". Whether or not this is a legal designation is unclear, though the neighbors across the street will take it upon themselves to hassle divers that enter into this "restricted" area.

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