Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in Hawaii off Oahu

Adventurers Dive Log

Diving the Makua Valley Ridge

By Ocean Concepts

Depth: 33-45 feet

Bottom Time: 45 Minutes

Visibility: 50-100 feet with light to seasonable heavy surge

Sealife: Shells - Leviathan, Groove Tooth, Checker Cowries, Mitre Shells, Chinese Horns, Helmet Shells

Traveling towards Ka'ena Point on Farrington Highway, just past Kaneana Cave, is a finger of lava that extends seaward. Entrance to this shore dive is on the left side of the ridge. Even when the waters appear calm, avoid the right (windward) side, as the swell is strong and can catch divers unaware - and deposit them atop the sharp reef.

With the exception of snakehead cowries, there is not much to see along the ridge. The site becomes more visually alluring further away from the shoreline. Much damage from the impact of divers on the site gives way to a flat bottom topography that slopes to the main point of interest - a channel extending due west and know as Makua Valley Ridge.

A 250 foot swim will lead to two small pinnacles that stand as a gateway on either side of the channel. From there, continue along the gutter to a collapsed lava tube that resembles an ampitheater. The top of the depression is at 33 feet and drops to a rubble bottom at 45.

The highlight to this site is the abundance of shells that can be found. Please make sure that only dead, empty shells are collected rather than live specimens.

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