Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in Hawaii off Oahu

Adventurers Dive Log

Diving the Moku Manu

By Ocean Concepts

Depth: 90 feet

Bottom Time: 20 minutes

Visibility: 50-100 feet

Sealife: Parrot fish, Goatfish, Unicorn Fish, Ulua, Tuna

Moku Manu (pronounced Mow-coo ma-New) is a two island remnant of the Ko'olau volcano, over 500 yards off Mokapu Point, between Kailua and Kane'ohe.

Because the site is not dived frequently, it is a rich environment of plentiful and large marine life.

Caution : Current sweeping along the coast can venturi through the pass between Moku Manu and Mokapu Peninsular, building to a point where safety becomes the paramount consideration.

Diving can be done around, between and away from both islands, with over five sites to choose from. The wind conditions are usually the determining factor on these sites.

One of the most popular approaches is to bring the boat inside a cave between the two islands. Divers drop over the side and descend 90 feet to the bottom. The cave is pitch black inside, and cuts into the islands approximately 50 yards, tapering to a point. Bring a light, as there are some lobster inside, and plenty of nocturnal fish. Coral grows vigorously outside the cave and around both of the islands. About 200 yards off the south side of the island is a sand channel in 60 feet, home to several skittish turtles - at least they are during the daytime. At night, they stay constant companions - following the beam of the divers light path throughout the dive.

Another 100 to 200 yards out are large channels with caves and overhangs. The seaward side of the north island has a skirting shelf at 30 feet that drops to 90, then plummeting to 200 plus feet further out. Lobsters make their home in lava tubes along the drop off, and pukas are the residence to several moray eels - including yellowmargins and whitemouths. As usual with a drop-off, keep looking to the deep to see what swims by.

Adventurers Dive Log
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