There is only one reason why we've dedicated 35 years to developing the finest recreational diving instructors in the world and sporting them with the most stringent recreational diving safety stanndards... that reason is you.

Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and as such, it has inherent risks. NAUI understands this. We also uderstand that the only way to minimize risk is to maximize education. There are many scuba certification programs availible today, but there is only one that can be called a scuba education program. And, education is the true NAUI difference

To earn the coveted NAUI Instructor rating, our Instructor candidates undergo a grueling leadership training program requring extensive diving knowledge and superior water skills. At every step, they are challenged to make independent and correct decisions and the value judgemments regarding the level of risk inherent in all types of diving situations.

Those who successfully complete this exceptional program become NAUI Instructors and are granted the freedom to adapt their teaching to meet the indiviual and regional needs of their students...
individuals like you!


The combination of exceptional leadership, sound educational materials, and true concern for the individual, has resulted in the most respected saftey record in the recreational diving community. So, when you enroll in a NAUIdiving program, you can be assured you're receiving the finest diving education availible. Our instructors won't except any less...and neither should you!

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