Norman's Woe

Norman's Woe

Directions to Norman's Woe, Manchester, MA

From Boston:

Take 93 north or route one north to 128 north (Gloucester/Rockport). Take exit 15, turn right off the exit ramp. After about 1/2 mile, take a left onto Lincoln Street. After another 1/2 mile, take a left onto Rt. 127. 2.3 miles down 127, take the right fork at the sign for Magnolia. About 1/2 mile down this road, in the village of Magnolia, you will come to a five-way intersection with a flag-pole in the middle. Go straight through this intersection. Continue on this road for another 0.7 of a mile. At the bottom of a hill, on the right, you will see a small parking area by a chain-link fence with a gate. Park here. The walk to the dive site is almost 1/4 mile through the gate, over the hill, and down to the shore.

About the Dive

Once at the area, scout out the shoreline for good entry and exit points. If other divers are there, ask for suggestions...there is a good spot to do a giant stride entry even at low tide. Exit can be a little more tricky. The bottom is rocky with scattered boulders. There is a lot of life to be seen here, and lobsters are common. This spot does not seem to get as crowded as other Cape Ann spots due to the hike involved.


This is an advanced dive spot, and one best left to those in good physical condition. The pre- and post-dive hike can be quite tiring, especially on hot days. Wear good hiking shoes and bring plenty of water.

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