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Type: Wreck. Length: 114'. Depth: Bottom is about 78', and deck top is about 55'.

Location: On the Broward/Palm Beach County line, 1 mile offshore, just N of the Pier.

Description: This is a 114' steel ship sunk by the Broward Artificial Reef Committee & the Palm Beach Artificial Reef Committee. It was terribly damaged by Hurricane "Andrew", with the bow was broken off & tilted skyward & to the E, the midships flattened & the stern twisted 40 degrees to the E. The small steel drug sub, which was originally at the offshore stern, is now crushed flat & moved well forward. The "Noula" lies in sand outside the 3rd Reef but up against a small ledge, with small reef patches around it, some a couple of feet high. It was sunk 12 July, 1988.

Depth: The bottom depth alongside the hull is about 78', and the deck top is at about 55'.

Critters: Bait & sportfish are found here. Algae support a crop of tiny grazing animals, eaten by larger carnivores which feed sport fish. There are good numbers of marine tropicals on this wreck and filefish, etc., with barracuda in the water above it.

Cautions: Currents may be very strong. Set the anchor carefully. Trail a "come home" line behind the boat. Fly the DIVER DOWN flag as required by law.

Remarks: Thank the Palm Beach & Broward Artificial Reef Committees, PTE, South Florida Divers Scuba Club, Boca SeaAdventures, etc., for this nice artificial reef!!!!!! Bring trash home, whether yours or that which you pick up on a dive; canfish, bottlefish & monofilamentfish.
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