Nubble Light

Nubble Light

Directions To Nubble Light, ME

Take 93 north or route one to 95 north. Follow 95 through NH and into Maine. Take exit 4 just before the Maine Turnpike (last exit before maine tolls). At the end of the route 95 access road, take a left onto route one. A few miles down the road, take a right onto 1A. This is not well marked and comes up quickly (I apologize for not having accurate milage). The Police station is about halfway down route 1A on the right. You will need to get a permit at the Police Station, before you can dive.

After you get your permit, get back onto route 1A in the same direction. Follow this into the center of town and take a right onto the main street with shops and amusement rides. Follow this around (past the dive shop on your right) to a stop sign. Take a left and then your next right. This road should bring you to the lighthouse.

If you end up driving along the beach, you have gone too far. Turn around and you will see the light house on a point off to your right.

About the Dive

The best area to dive here is in the north cove. There is plenty to see in the shallow water, so there is no need to swim out very far. If the north cove is rough, the south cove is still a decent dive.


1) You need a permit from the police station before you can dive.

2) There is no diving allowed at this park on sundays.

3) It was reported that there is currently a 2 hour parking limit.

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