Old Garden Beach

Old Garden Beach


Old Garden Beach (looking east), northeasterly exposure, is a easy sandy entry. Sandy bottom. Depths 15 to 50 feet. To the left of the beach are large boulders and kelp, to the right of the beach are boulder with bedrock and algea. The tide shift is fairly large; so watch where you put your gear.

Resident parking only, during the week, you can park on the street adjacent to the beach. On weekends, look for parking on the side streets.

An excellent night diving sight is the reef along the left side (when facing the ocean)

There are several restrictions on diving at this beach (note that the first rule is invalid under current Massachusetts law)

Directions (from Boston):

Take Route 1 or Route 93 To Route 128 North. Follow 128 until you pass through both the Grant and Blackburn traffic circles. Shortly after passing the Blackburn circle, you'll come to a set of lights. Turn left onto Route 127 North. Follow 127 until you come to a five-way intersection, then follow the signs to downtown Rockport. When you reach downtown Rockport, take a left onto 127A. Shortly after you turn onto 127A, you will take a left onto Norwood Ave. Follow Norwood Ave down the hill and along the shore. As the road turns right to follow the shore, you will see a small parking lot and grassy area. Park here to unload your gear, the dive spot is just beyond the retaining wall.

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