Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Puget Sound

Diving Puget Sound

Diving in Washington States' Puget Sound is an adventure into the same Emerald green waters that make British Columbia a Class A diving destination. The same creatures, octopus, wolf eels, and countless varieties of of cold water corals call the sound home.
Seattle is one of the few ports on the west coast of the United States that is protected from the fury of the North Pacific.
Wolf eel image by Leo Sielsch.

We are pleased to present you with photographs of the area. They may be found after the map of the sound.

Photographs and site info by Jason and Loura Caffey

Sunset Beach Park

Salt Creek County Park

Photographs by Leo Sielsch

Young Wolf Eel,
Another Fish

Leo's Site

For more information on diving Puget Sound check out the following:

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Adventurers Dive Log

Salt Creek County Park