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Type: Arc shaped hole on inside edge of Third Reef. Length: Depth: 65' in sand, 60' in the hole, 50' on top of the reef. Location: Off the South end of Delray Public Beach.

Description: Arcuate hole on inside edge of Third Reef with rock spur projecting across part of opening, with sand & coral rubble & rock blocks in the the hole. Varied & interesting spot.

Depth: 65' in sand, 60' in the hole, 50' on top of the reef around the hole.

Critters: Wide variety of reef tropicals here. Gamefish scarce. Nurse sharks often seen in hole. Hogfish, lobster, rare. Barracuda common. Soft corals & sponges show vigorous growth.

Cautions: Use marks carefully. Strong currents. Fly your DIVER DOWN flag.

Remarks: Marks are for a spot on the rim of the hole well south & 50' S of the previous edition marks. If depth is 50 or less swim W; if 60' or more swim E to edge. There is a good edge far S of the marked spot if you are drift diving.

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