Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in Hawaii off Oahu

Adventurers Dive Log

Diving on the Seaplane

By Ocean Concepts

Depth: 90-110 feet

Bottom Time: 10-20 Minutes

Visibility: 50-100 feet

Sealife: Crustaceans, Tropicals, Yellow Margin Morays, Viper Morays, Goatfish, Pinktail Durgons, Milletseed Butterflyfish, Scorpionfish, Humpback Whales (in season)

North of the Mahi, directly of Poka'i Bay, lies a twin engine Beechcraft, the Seaplane Wreck, sunk as an artificial reef project. Its bare fuselage lays within a horseshoe-shaped ridge at 90 feet. The horizontal rear stabilizers are missing, the engines and propellers have been removed and the inside of the cockpit has been stripped - except for the instrument panel. A missing window on the Pilot's side makes a good photographic set-up. The top of the ridge is at 80 feet, which drops to a rubble base, then slopes to 110 feet.

The ledge has small cracks and fissures that are home to crustaceans, tropicals and moray eels.

Adventurers Dive Log
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