Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving on The City of Sheboygan

Diving the City of Sheboygan


City of Sheboygan deadeye image by Adam Rushton

The Three Masted Schooner was built in 1871. It sank in 1915 in 95 ft of water. The vessel is 135 ft. long and is very intact.

A Little History

The schooner sank in a storm with the loss of 5
lives and a load of feldspar.

The Pictures

The following pictures were take from a tape submitted by Adam Rushton
of Kingston Ontario.

Bow Deck area, Deadeyes, Photographer,
Mast, Further up the mast, Diver at the Rudder,
A pot, A pump(?)Bow Sprit,
Deadeye, Plaque, Broken Bow Sprit,

Beautiful wreck !!

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