Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier


Type: Large reentrant with caves and undercuts. Length: Depth: 65' in sand, sheer rise to 55' slopes to 45' at crest.

Location: Off the Delray Public Beach, E of Atlantic Avenue. 3 miles south of Boynton Inlet.

Description: One of the most beautiful spots on the Palm Beach County reef. There is a large re-entrant into the inshore edge of the reef. Huge blocks of undercut rock have broken off, leaving cracks large enough to swim into. The large re-entrant to the E also has blocks in it. Ledges rise vertically 8' to 10' with caves & undercuts & with superb scenery & growth. This reef, which runs far to N & S, is part of the Delray Ledges.

Depth: 65' in sand, with a sheer rise to 55'. It slopes up to 50' on the edge & up to 45' on the crest.

Critters: Tons of snapper used to be taken from this hole by night fishermen. Grunts grow to 24". Hogfish, barracuda, some grouper & jacks are found here. Tropicals abound. A large variety of invertebrates including lobster are seen here. Good fishing & underwater photo spot.

Cautions: Currents are often strong on the 3rd Reef. Set your anchor immediately. Sand is west of the marks, which are just over the reef edge in sand! Anywhere near the marks should put you into this large & spectacular hole. The prominent steeple IS NOT a mark since nothing behind it lines up. Drift divers start upcurrent & drift across the hole in the reef edge!

Remarks: Always fly the DIVER DOWN flag required by law. Many of these spots are both anchor & drift diving locations.

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