Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in Hawaii off Oahu

Adventurers Dive Log

Diving the Tech Reef

By Ocean Concepts

Depth: 10-20 feet

Bottom Time: 45 Minutes

Visibility: 80 feet

Sealife: Cauliflower Coral, Tiger Cowries, Infant Turtles, Infant Whitetip Reef Sharks

This reef is an off the beaten path shore dive that can be accessed close to the more well known Kahe Point Beach Park. As you are turning into the parking lot for Kahe Beach, follow the old sugar cane railroad. As it veers to the left past a number of campsites, follow it to the end.

The best part of this dive is near the shore in 10 to 20 feet. Very large cauliflower corals are built upon a lava substrata, with channels in the coral and lava that provide ideal havens for small fish.

Sightings of infant Turtles and Whitetips support suspicions that the area must appeal to juveniles. Because of the shallow depths, there is plenty of ambient light for the photographers - and your bottom time is limited really only to your air !

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