Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving in Palm Beach Dive Locations, Boynton Inlet to Dania Pier


Location: 3 1/2 miles S of Boynton Inlet, a mile offshore on the Third Reef.

Description: Large room sized blocks of rock broken off the face of the reef & tumbled into the sand to the W. The Third Reef has a double ledge or two stepped ledges over part of its length. To the N there is a 12' vertical ledge with undercuts. Reef continues N for 200 yds or more, with sheer ledges, undercuts & sloped areas.

Depth: 65' in sand in side, rising 12' to 53' at the edge & sloping to 48' to 50' on top.

Critters: There are huge barrel sponges, whips and fans & lots of other invertebrates. Fish of many kinds are abundant. Moray eels are seen here as well.

Cau tions: Strong currents are common here. Use a trailing line and fly your DIVER DOWN flag. Stay 100 yds from another dive boat or a fisherman.

Remarks: Please bring cans, bottles & plastic home with you. Keep our reefs beautiful! Note: i f you see a hard coral, particularly brain and big-eyed coral, upside down, turn it over or it will die. We lose some every year and they will not recolonize in water this deep.

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Photograph by Rob Cheng