Adventurers Dive Log: Scuba Diving on the Wolfe Islander II in Kingston

DivingThe Wolfe Islander II


The Facts

Converted Coastal Freighter

Built 1946 Intenionally Sank 1985

164 ft long depth 80 ft

A Little History

The Wolfe Islander II was originally built as the Ottawa-Maybrook in 1946. It was destined for China until the Communist takeover. Due to a Boycott of the new government it was converted to a side entrance ferry and delivered to Kingston. There it served the inhabitants of Wolfe Island for many years. In 1985 after years of effort by a group of enthusiasts called the Comet Foundation it was sank to it's new home just a little east of it's former winter terminal.

The Tour

The Life boat davit comes into veiw as you reach the end of the mooring line. Directly ahead you can see the funnel rising above the rear of the wheelhouse. If a diver slowly and quietly comes up the side of the funnel, he or she may catch several good size fish "sleeping" in the top. Turning right will put you on top of the wheel house, left behind the funnel is anentrance to the boiler room cut into the deck. Dropping down this large opening elecrical panels and other hardware is visible. At the bottom you have access to the whole boiler room. Part way down doorways lead to the saloon and to inner sections. If you exit the saloon through the side door you can follow a walkway complete with benches if you need a rest. Dropping down from the stern you will find the propeller and rudder. A few portholes are still in place though some have been taken by inconsiderate pirates.

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