Adventurers Dive Log, the Codhole, Australian Barrier Reef

Adventurers Dive Log

Diving the Codhole

By Steve Hogan

The Cod Hole is a dive site that every boat traveling the ribbon reefs stops to visit. This dive site is world famous for the large potato cod that frequent the area. The potato cod are very tame and will come very close to the diver, enabling photographers to get outstanding photo opportunities.

These large fish range from 100 lbs. to over 600 lbs and come close enough to touch. Please do not touch the potato cod as touching them wipes the protective mucous coating away from the fishes' skin The mucous acts as a protective barrier against infection and disease.

Other large fish that can be seen at the cod hole are the large Maori wrasse and moray eels. The Maori wrasse (or Napolaen fish) is a green colored fish with a large hump at its' head. There are several in the area and you are sure to see one on the feed that takes place at the cod hole. Sometimes during the feed one of several moray eels will join the divers. The moral eel is very curious and is looking for the food that it knows is there. The best thing to do is to keep your hands tucked away to avoid getting the attention of the moray eel. If the moray does come close to you, make no sudden moves and keep your hands closed. One on of my many trips to the cod hole, one of the moray eels thought that the white nylon line (saftey line) on my BC was food. The eel came out of its' hole (well after the feed was over) to investigate the gently flowing nylon line. The eel nibbled at the nylon line on my BC, decided that it was no longer interesting and continued on in search of food.

Dive site briefing:
The fish feed is performed with the divers all entering the water and following the dive master down to the feeding site. The divers arraing themselves in a circle around the dive master with the feeding bucket. The dive master removes the fish from the feeding bucket and the larger fish come in for the feeding. At this point the divers will be surrounded by many fish, both large and small. The small fish do a fair job at getting the leftovers from the larger fish (and try to avoid becomming a meal themselves). Before the feed is a photographers best opportunity at getting clear shots as during the feed the water clarity diminishes rapidly.

Other interesting features of the cod hole include many swim throughs. The swim throughs are in the shallow area of the cod hole closer to the reef. The swim thoughs offer and exciting end to the cod feed as some of the most colorful corals are found in this area. With the light current that runs in the area of the swim throughs, there is the occasional sleeping shark that can be found resting on the bottom.
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