Adventurers Dive Log:Scuba Diving in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving in Australia

The longest barrier reef in the world makes the Great Barrier Reef of Australia the dream dive of a life time to most divers. It is home to one of the best locations in the world for diving with Great White Sharks.

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Australian Dive Sites

Port Stephens and some South East shore dives by Veronika Freeman

The following site information and photographs were submitted by Steve Hogan of Los Angeles California Enjoy!

White Cliffs Whaler Station Century Bay Temple of Doom Steve's Bommie
Cuttlefish Cove Plates Pixie Pinnacle Pixie Wall Challenger Bay
Shark Alley The Codhole Snake Pit Ruby Reefette Ribbon Reef More Ribbon Reef


The following are some photographs taken by Steve Hogan of Los Angeles California. They are all excellent!

Angelfish, Baracuda1, Baracuda2, Codhole,
More Codhole, ??, Cuttlefish, Cuttlefish2,
Come and Get it! Feather, Grey Shark, Coral,
Mating Nudibrac, Moor, More Moor, Parrotfish,
Potato Cod, Puffer Fish, Spotted Ray, Scorpian Fish,
Another Veiw, Soft Coral, More Coral, Even More Coral,
Silvertip Shark, More Silvertip, Sea Snake, Smiling Shark,
Soft Coral, Turtle, White Tip Shark,

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