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Adventurers Dive Log:Great Lakes Wreck Diving and Shipwrecks

Scuba diving in the Great Lakes means Wreck diving! The cool fresh water has preserved shipwrecks that would have disappeared long ago in a salt water environment. There are thousands of wrecks both charted and yet to be found. Marine parks and preserves are scattered through out the lakes and locals have been known to get very irrate a divers who try to take souvenirs home with them. So, leave the artifacts for the next diver to see.

With the accidental introduction of Zebra mussels, visiability has increased signifacantly in the lower lakes. Most divers will want at least a 6mm wet suit. Some will prefer to dive dry as temperatures below the thermoclines are quite chilly even during the summer.

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"Wheel on the George A Marsh" image by Doug Amos

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