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Diving Ribbon Reefs

By Steve Hogan

Explorer is a divesite that turns out to be an excellent spot for a night dive. This divesite offers shelter for the night and is shallow to allow a nice end to a full day of diving. This divesite also ahs some interesting features such as cuttlefish and caves. The caves are numerous and there is one large cave on the northern end of the site that is full of life. Giant clams, glass shrinp, anemonies, and parrotfish are found here also.
Divesite briefing:
I have enjoyed the most success at explorer by starting out by dropping to the bottom under the boat and working north along the bommies. After a suitable distance, start going toward the reef and explore the caves along the reef wall. In the shallows you will find many of the giant clams and many of the other creatures in the caves. Continue in this direction until passing the boat mooring and continue into the shallow water (15-20 ft) with the multiple bommies. This is an excellent spot to do your safety stop.
50 Ft.50-150 Ft. Novice - Experienced

Ribbon Reef #5

Jayenems Wall
100 Ft.50-150 Ft. Novice - Experienced

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