Adventurers Dive Log, Scuba Diving in Lake Erie, Point Pelee

Diving the Pelee Passage

Over 250 ships have gone to the bottom in the Pelee Passage. Mooring bouys have been installed on 15 of the 50 or so that have been "discovered" by local diving interests. Once hidden by the limited visibilty in Lake Erie, these wrecks can now be seen due to the Zebra mussel infestation cleaning the water. Visibilty in excess of 40' is now common. The wrecks are found mostly between 40 and 75' , making them accessible to most sport divers. As with all dive sites take only pictures and leave only bubbles as they say.

The Shipwrecks

The following shipwreck pages were assembled by Richard Horricks, a NAUI Insrtuctor from Kingston Ontario. Should you have any information to add to these sites e-mail Richard at

George Stone


Northern Indiana



Jay Gould





M.I. Wilcox

Grand Traverse

G. Worthington


Capstan Wreck

Great Lakes Directory

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