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Diving Pixies Pinnacle

By Steve Hogan

Pixie's pinnacle is a underwater photographers paradise. This divesite is a single spire rising from the sand to a depth of 10 feet with an amazing amount of life packed onto the sides and top of the pinnacle. Pixie's pinnacle is unique wonder; the closer one looks, the more there is to find. A diver can circle the pinnacle in a few minutes, but this divesite requires careful study to enjoy it. I have found that every time I dive Pixie's, I find something new and I also find that I am looking at smaller and smaller patches of an area that I am familiar with.

Pixie's pinnacle has the most diverse life found on the ribbon reefs. Divers find a myriad of animal life around Pixie's, including but not limited to lionfish, nudibranchs, crinoids, triggerfish, tangs, surgeonfish, corals, small clams, fans, sea whips, parrotfish, and anemonies. This site is also home to six of the seven types of anemonies found on the ribbon reefs. Pixie's is surrounded by schooling fish waiting for a chance at the smaller fish inhabiting the reef. Following the schooling fish is a school of barracuda, waiting for the easy meal.

Dive site briefing:
The best way to enjoy Pixie's is to relax. Start at about 60 feet and circle the pinnacle slowly, moving in a constant upward direction. At about 40 feet, this divesite really comes to life. Most of the things to see are above 40 feet so plan on spending most of your time there. Slowly look over the details of the life living on the walls on the northern and western faces where the nudibranchs, lionfish, and grouper congregate.

On one such dive I found a free swimming crinoid (featherstar) making its' way to a new perch, waiting for the current to pick up to resume feeding. Near the top you will find densly packed life. Small clams, anemonies, sea fans, hard corals, and clouds of fairy basslets make Pixie's a kaleidascope of color. The visual effect of so many colorful fish is breathtaking - at times blocking the view in a cloud-like swarm of color. Spend the reminder of your air at the top, hovering over the hard and soft coral, enveloped in a sea of color, swimming with the ever-present barracuda, enjoying the fantastic lighting conditions and abundant sea life found in the shallow water.
Pixie Pinnacle
100 Ft.50-150 Ft. Novice - Experienced

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