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Adventurers Dive Log

Diving Pixies Wall

By Steve Hogan

Pixie's wall is an alternate dive site when pixie's pinnacle is inaccessable due to the tides and currents. Pixie's wall is on the edge of the reef and offers many interesting sights. Among the sights at pixie's wall are many swimthroughs along the reef that start at the sand and end up at the reef top. The inside of the swimthroughs have many cracks and crevices that hold many types of life. On one such dive I found a cuttlefish hiding in a small cove. The other animal life found at pixie's wall include wrasses, barracuda, staghorn coral, several barramundi cod, lionfish, batfish, and clams.

Dive site briefing:
On the south side of the dive site there are many giant clams and on the north side is a large coral formation. Seeing both depends onthe current. Since the mooring for the site is located in the center, the best dive profile is a "T". Start in the direction with the current and go only ofr a few minutes. This should take the diver to one end of the divesite. Then start working back staying close to the reef as this will lessen the force of the current for the swim back in the direction of the boat. Continue past the mooring to the other end of the divesite. Explore a little while as the current can then be used to take the diver back to the mooring line. Around the morring line is a shallow area that has many things to look at while using the remaining air.
Pixie's Wall
50 Ft.50-150 Ft. Novice - Experienced

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