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Diving Steve's Bommie

By Steve Hogan

Steve's Bommie is a site named for a dive instructor in the area. The instructor was found at cod hole, dead from unknown causes. Steve's Bommie was his favorite site and his friends tribute to him is the divesite itself. His friends placed a plaque honoring him and his favorite divesite on a small bommie near the main pinnacle in 65 feet of water. The plaque is now gone, but the memory remains. This divesite is very diverse with surrounding sealife. The divesite is somewhat of a pinnacle, with a cave at 25 feet.

The sea life surrounding this divesite includes a sea turtle, lionfish, trevally, lionfish, anemonies, Moorish idols, nudibranchs, sea fans, anglefish,soft coral, pipefish, christmastree worms, featherstars, and eels. Occasionally there is a large Maori wrasse that visits the bommie.

Dive site briefing:
The best way to dive Steve's bommie is decend to about 60 feet, and slowly swim in a clockwise direction while slowly increasing depth. Much of the life around Steve's bommie is concentrated above 60 feet so a visit deeper may not show much except the occasional white tip reef shark. Work your way around the bommie several times.

Take time to explore the cave, but do not enter the cave as there is not enough room for a diver without damaging the beautiful sea fans that are attached to the walls. One side of Steve's bommie is a bit bare, but the other side makes up for this. On this side of the bommie there are many anemonies, most of them near the top. Near the top there is a large brain coral with a small lionfish near by. Spend some time swimming slowly about the top and the many reef fish will come for a closerlook. The small wrasses on this bommie seem to be more territorial than others that I have found. One such wrasse pecked at my mask as a warning that I was in his area and that he would not go away.
Steve's Bommie
100 Ft.50-150 Ft. Novice - Experienced

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